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Blog Jan 2018 Cobalt Morning

Human interaction is vital during early childhood development and helps to create strong emotional and social bonds between parents and children. While technology may help to reinforce concepts and ideas to promote learning, it is important to remember that human interaction is sacred as children grow and develop. At OobEdoO we are working hard of…
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Blog December 2017 Cobalt Morning

To reach the iGens your website needs to be transparent about your business, personal and very social. If you can pull these values together in your website and social media you will have a good base to build your business online. If you need any help in developing a strategy like this please calls us,…
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Blog November 2017 Cobalt Morning

Cobalt Morning has started to develop a website app/mobile browser based community for the gardening fraternity. The company is using its knowledge of community building to develop a vibrant proposition for gardeners and the relevant suppliers of product to that community. Cobalt Morning has also been asked to look into building an app for a…
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Blog October 2017 Cobalt Morning

Looking into the preschool world, whilst bringing up a preschooler and developing the OobEdoO app has brought preschool development into sharp focus at Cobalt Morning. As most of a preschool child’s brain function is developed before they are 4 the importance of DigitalParenting® increases. There can be no denying that touch screen devices are here…
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